Fourth pillar of democracy

Fourth pillar of democracy

We live in 21st century, we will soon land on mars, globalization is rapid but during frequent years the fourth pillar of democracy seems to weaken.

What fourth pillar of democracy?

Democracy stands firmly on its four pillars that are: Judiciary, executive, legislation and media.

Media or press is the fourth and most important pillar of democracy.

Freedom of the press or freedom of the media is the principle that enables communication and expression through various media, including printed and electronic media, especially published materials, to be considered a right to be exercised freely.

Uncovering the fear of government

The basic threat that media or press poses is the hidden fear of government. Government fears Questions, criticism and opinions.Media is the best and most powerful source to do so.

So it tries avoid these barriers which results in banning channels, arresting true journalist or even killing those.

For example, China which ranks 2 in #GDPworldranking ranks 177th for press freedom. India World’s largest democracy Ranks 142nd.(Source:

Media is not a opinion platform but brainwasher

In Republic of India if one turns on TV and goes to top news channel one is likely to watch religious debates than employment reform debates. Some dummy channels spread some anti-nationalist terms to citizens who opine.

This is dosed almost everyday that it becomes a thought that turns into practise and hence they are brainwashed.

Hope cannot die and truth cannot be hidden

It’s easy to misguide a blind so one needs to clear his/her’s vision and stand for the truth or else we will lose our voice, our representation and hence our identity.

The best to do so is social media, many websites like, and shows truths and ground reports.

Social media handles like official peeinghuman and scoopwhoop are my personal favourite.

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